The reaction was stirred equipment
Cooled heat exchanger equipment
Towers and tower pieces equipment
Evaporation drying
Fermentation extract filtration
Storage of oxygen equipment
Aluminum equipment
Vacuum device
Oil cooling equipment
Air-cooled unit

Wuxi Bao Ye equipment technology co., LTD. Is located in the gangnam city south suburb of wuxi, north shore of taihu lake, the vast, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, convenient transportation, close to shanghai-nanjing railway, shanghai-nanjing expressway, the beijing-hangzhou grand canal company reaction kettle (kettle), heat exchangers, evaporators, fermentation equipment products are widely used in chemical metallurgy medicine food industries practice has proved that due to our factory to follow all consideration for the user for the purpose, adhere to strict delivery deadlines, reasonable price standard, excellent product quality, good after-sales service, long-term with the general new old customers sincere face effective cooperation...
Wuxi Bao Ye equipment technology co., LTD
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Wuxi Bao Ye equipment techno…
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Air-cooled unit
Air-cooled unit
Air-cooled unit
Air-cooled unit
Furnace transformer oil cooler…
Water cooler
Combined water cooler
Tube type oil cooler
Vacuum device
Tank 2
Vacuum unit
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